Easy Photo Unblur

Easy Photo Unblur

Remove motion blur, sharpen misfocused images, and fix camera shake easily
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Focus and aperture mistakes, motion blur effects, and camera shake are the most common reasons why your photos may look blurry or out of focus. Easy Photo Unblur offers you AI algorithms to detect all of these patterns and correct them selectively with just a few clicks. To fine-tune your unblurred images, you also count with image correction features, editing tools, and denoise techniques.

“Reduce blurring” is Easy Photo Unblur’s star feature, and there is where this tool takes you as soon as you launch the app. This function is divided into two sections – unblur and denoise. Both come with a set of presets that you can combine and will let you apply light, gentle, soft, medium, or strong unblur and denoise settings to the active picture with just one click. On the post-processing side, both count with their own set of sliders for you to fine-tune the results manually. Straightforward as it sounds, “Reduce blurring” offers ample room for improvement. None of the changes you can apply to the active photo using either the sliders or the presets will be processed until you click on the “Run” button. This lack of real-time preview slows down a one-click process that was designed to be quick and that forces you to follow a tedious trial-and-error approach instead. Besides, the results that “Reduce blurring” produces give me mixed feelings. In many instances, the selective blur method seem to fail to detect and sharpen the true blurry areas, making it hard to tell the difference between the original photo and the processed one even after applying the most aggressive of all presets. Of course, the level of effectiveness changes from photo to photo, and it largely depends on how blurry the image is and on the type of blur that affects it.

Things change when you move to the “Image Correction” section. Both the Auto-correction, Sharpen, and Soften presets, and the accompanying sliders to fine-tune the brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, and gamma values produce immediate results that you can then tweak in real time. The results you get here in terms of sharpness and clarity are much more evident (even with lower values) than those you get with the unblurring tool. Whatever changes you make here will affect the entire image and not the blurry areas only, but when used carefully these image correction tools do produce stunning results.

Images can also be cropped, rotated, and resized following the usual techniques, and you will be able to unblur in batches as many photos as you wish as soon as you register your trial copy. Note that the trial version won’t let you save any of the images it processes, either. Easy Photo Unblur supports the most popular image file formats and offers you easy-to-use utilities that, when wisely combined, produce excellent results on all types of blurred and misfocused pictures. Despite its understandable limitations, the trial version will let you test all of the program’s features in all of your blurry and out-of-focus photos – this will allow you to decide if Easy Photo Unblur is the tool your pictures need or not.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Manual and auto-correction features.
  • Includes editing tools to resize, crop, and rotate images.
  • Unblur photos in batches.
  • Unblur and denoise presets


  • No real-time preview of changes when unblurring images.
  • Image correction tools produce better results
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